Sheltered Employment Scheme

We recognise that selling magazines on the street isn’t for everyone. So we set out to create a subscription scheme offering different work-based opportunities to people facing poverty. Currently a vendor called Mark works in the sheltered employment scheme and enjoys working along with the team, learning new skills, and having a break from selling the magazine on the street. We are looking to expand this project to include further support and educational elements. We also hope to be able to offer this to many more people who are experiencing poverty and are ready for a new challenge

Mark's story

“From being homeless and begging, to having a roof over my head and a regular income- The Big Issue has helped me all the way. I was really chuffed to have this chance, and the job here gives me something to get out of bed for. I enjoy the work and really appreciate this opportunity. It has helped me get organised and improve my time keeping. It’s really nice when I receive comments, emails, letters or cards from subscribers. It really does make my day. I prefer this job to selling on the streets which can be very tough. No-one ignores me in the office and I feel part of the team. Thank you for all you have done to help.”